Coroner stresses safe sleeping practices for babies, records open verdict in death of 7-week-old boy

Coroner stresses safe sleeping practices for babies, records open verdict in death of 7-week-old boy

The State Coroner in Singapore has reaffirmed the value of healthy sleeping habits for children while rendering an empty verdict regarding the death of a seven-week-old boy who was discovered face down on a cushion.

State Coroner Adam Nakhoda stressed the importance of comfortable sleeping plans, even though it was still unclear whether the child died from suffocation or a biological cause of death.

An expert had previously stated that the sudden suffocation of a resting infant could be the cause of sleep-related child deaths.

Guidelines include: Not placing free items like pillows, blankets, beddings, toys or mattresses around or under a lying child, allowing the child to sleep alone in a child cot, and using a firm mattress with a fitted bedsheet with no gaps between the mattress and cot rail.

Before they are a year older, infants may get placed on their backs while they are sleeping and not on their stomachs or sides. Children over four months old who can move from their flanks and again again may be permitted to remain in the positions they assume.

THE Event

The girl boy was born on May 17, 2023, at KKH Women’s and Children’s Clinics to a few who already had a five- year- older daughter and a one- year- ancient son.

The child was post- term at 35 weeks owing to uterine abruption. He was moved to the specific care nursery and afterward to the neonatal intensive care unit because he weighed just 2.14 kg.

He was given a two-week leave from KKH.

Although his mother claimed that he may have had a cough from his brother the week he left, he did n’t have a fever.

The girl was mostly taken care of by his mother, who gave him regular breast feeding every two to three hours.

First, the newborn slept in a bed in the same area as his mother and older brother, who was a one- year- ancient toddler.

But, as the child woke up usually to feed, this affected his son’s sleep.

The girl was finally shifted to a different room with his father so that he could rest there. A bed next to it and a mattress on the floor were located in this apartment.

The baby’s father slept on the mattress while the child was first placed on the pillow.

But, the parents became concerned that the baby may fall off the bed and put him on the bed in place of his father, who was sleeping on the bed.

When the baby slept on the bed, he was often placed significantly on his part, with most of his backside still on the mattress.

Because cheese tended to seep out of his lips, his brain would be placed on a little cushion in a side-loud place.

Due to his little congestion and runny nose, his mind was tilted to the side.

The kids had then stuff the girl with a balanced bean bag to keep him from moving while he slept.


On Jul 3, 2023 at about 10pm, the teen’s parents fed him cheese and placed him in his usual sleeping place on the bed. The child was likely to be swaddled, the jury heard.

The parents next snoozed on the baby’s side of the bed.

At around 5.30am the next day, the father woke up and panicked when he realised the day.

The baby should have erupted around 1 a.m. to start his feeding, but he did n’t.

The parents checked on the child and saw him face downward on the pillow, indifferent. The child was still wearing the balanced bean bag.

The parents grabbed the child and attempted to wake him, but he discovered that he was warm and thick.

The man finally woke his family, who saw that the kid’s face and lips were purple.

She began administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the child while her father called for an ambulance after receiving training in child first help.

According to the doctors on the scene, the child was good to have passed away. Later that morning, the infant was declared dead.

The final cause of death could n’t be determined by an autopsy. The medical examiner conducting the autopsy determined that the child had died as a result of a healthy condition approach, though suffocation could not be completely excluded as a cause of death.

The child slept on a narrow adult-sized mattress that appeared to be intended for a second bed, according to photos taken of the scene.

The prosecutor said that because the lightly fitted sheet had creases and ridges, it was obvious that the mattress did not fit snugly.

Soft toys, little cushions, and a bag of wet wipes were placed on top of the bed to support the elevated bed.

The bed had a melancholy in the middle, which was likely brought on by the baby’s head’s weight. It was rectangle.

The child’s parents did not raise any problems or issues with the sheriff’s investigation, and foul play was not suspected by the police.

Losing a child is often a devastating experience, according to the coroner, who was speaking from a very young age when a child was often flourishing.

Although the child had some health problems at birth, he had overcome them and there was no evidence that he had any other issues at the time of his demise.

The coroner determined that the baby’s father possibly discovered him before 5:30 a.m., which is when it was most likely that he had died.

Although it was not known how the child ended up lying prone, it was probable that the mattress had a cover for his mouth and nose, causing asphyxiation.

The mother’s nose and mouth may have turned red as a result of this, as well as a small scar on his head. The pathologist acknowledged that these could also have been the result of the CPR.

He expressed his sadness over the tragic loss of the boy’s kids.