Cordlife probe: Chief financial officer arrested and released on bail

Cordlife probe: Chief financial officer arrested and released on bail

Four Cordlife managers, besides past Group CEO Tan Poh Lan, were likewise detained and released on bail, including acting president Ho Choon Hou, separate managers Yeo Hwee Tiong and Titus Jim Cheong Tuck Yan, as well as non-indigenous non-executive director Chow Wai Leong.

Additionally, four directors who are already based outside of Singapore are required to appear in a policeman meeting on April 2.

They are original chairman Joseph Wong Wai Leung, who stepped down earlier this year&nbsp, according to “personal home and health causes”, &nbsp, Mr Zhai Lingyun, Ms Chen Xiaoling and Mr Yiu Ming Yiu. &nbsp,


On November 30, 2023, the MOH announced that investigations against the&nbsp, personal cord blood banks were ongoing. The abuse of wire bloodstream units was made public.

On July 24, 2023, the department received a problem from a member of the public regarding reported problems with a storage container. It later emerged that Cordlife’s table knew of the matter times before, in February 2023.

The broken wire heart units were from one container that belonged to 2, 150 clients. &nbsp,

The remaining six vehicles were sent for further testing, and last results were, according to MOH, expected to be ready by the end of March. &nbsp, This is due primarily to capability constraints at a next- party&nbsp, lab conducting the assessments.

” Initial studies show that two of the six damaged vehicles, which stored about 2, 300 cord blood products, were unlikely to be severely affected by the temperature getaways”, MOH said in January.

In December 2023, Cordlife said it would take a&nbsp, six- quarter disqualification given by the government.

The business is required to rectify&nbsp, a list of possible non- compliances&nbsp, by May 31. Among them are inadequate incident reporting frameworks, limited staff training and competence, and the improper storage of cord blood units.

The Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy, a global non-profit organization that oversees inspections and certifications in biological therapy, has suspended its biological treatments approval continuously.