Construction works for Turf City MRT station to start in third quarter of 2024

Construction works for Turf City MRT station to start in third quarter of 2024


Due to the varying soil conditions in the area, especially the harder floor conditions of the Bukit Timah rock formation, which necessitate the use of specialized techniques to carry out digging works properly, construction works for Turf City MRT place are anticipated to be challenging.

Earth-retaining and stabilizing structures may be installed before the train structure begins to be excavated and constructed to ensure safety and stability.

LTA and the contractors will closely track the works and take the necessary mitigation steps to ensure healthy construction with the least impact on local residents and the infrastructure, according to the authority.

It had previously evaluated the effects of the construction projects close to Eng Neo Forest. To determine the flora and fauna in the area and build prevention strategies to minimize climate impact, nature groups were involved.

These steps include installing barriers along the side of the road to stop animals from crossing it and point them in the direction of another forest areas.

Speed control signs and speed bumps may be installed on the building site’s access roads to encourage drivers to slow down and watch out for animals while they are being worked on.

The expert stated that LTA will continue to engage nature parties and other interested parties to keep them informed about the progress of the construction and the reduction plans that have been implemented as part of the Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan.

The CRL is Singapore’s seventh MRT line, linking places like as Jurong Lake District, Punggol Digital District and the Changi place, LTA said. Nearly half of the stations will serve as interchanges for another rail lines.

The three aspects will be used to construct the completely underwater CRL. Step 1 was announced in 2019 and comprises 12 facilities, with construction labor expected to be completed by 2030.

Step 2, announced in September 2022, comprises six channels. Stage 3 executive studies are continuous, and more details will be revealed when they are finished, according to LTA.