Conscript deductions clarified

Following outcry over unexpected and extreme charges, the defense ministry issues fresh rules.

Conscript deductions clarified
As the troops tries to encourage its activities, troops show their ATM accounts and cash removal slips. However, some just hired soldiers may not be aware that they must give everything, from uniforms to a septic tank pumping charge. ( Photo: Wassana Nanuam ) ( Photo: Wassana Nanuam )

To ensure that military recruits have enough money to spend, the Ministry of Defense has established a set of conditions that can be taken out of troops ‘ wages.

The action comes in response to a recent case involving reported conclusions from troops ‘ pay for utilities and other items that have recently surfaced on social media, with reviews of them even being charged for WiFi and a 500-baht exemption for a septic tank pumping price.

A slip from the man who paid the latter payment revealed that deductions made up 60 % of his monthly income.

Sutin Klungsang, the minister of defense, set up an exploration into the situation.

Under the new conditions, fees that can be deducted from troops ‘ wages include a food service fee of around 2, 100 per month per head, or 70 ringgit per day, the department said on Thursday.

Military units are also permitted to deduct expenses for their personal items from the agency’s resources from troops ‘ pay.

New recruits frequently find it difficult to obtain specific items when they report to military installations. Thus, the modules may provide them with the materials they need. Distributors can be purchased in bulk for less money.

If any units are found to have bought them above market price, those involved may be punished, said the government.

Another calculation is deliberate. At a post exchange ( PX ) or a store at a military installation that sells goods and services to military personnel, there are service fees, laundry fees, and other fees.

Costs that should not be deducted include power fees, a septic tank pumping cost, WiFi fees, costs for defense niche products, ATK check kits, face masks and alcohol sanitisers.

The ministry suggests that military personnel use business profits to pay for insurance expenses.

Prior to this, Jirayu Houngsub, the ministry’s spokesman for political affairs, claimed that Mr. Sutin had conducted an investigation into the distribution of documents indicating the conscripts ‘ use of WiFi and other personal items.

They included insurance ( 330 baht ), daily items ( 1, 100 baht ), and a bag ( 590 baht ). Conscripts earn 10, 990 baht a month on average.