Complaint against “reincarnated son” of Lord Buddha

Complaint against "reincarnated son" of Lord Buddha

Complaint against 'reincarnated son' of Lord Buddha
Plaintiffs including lawyer Ananchai Chaiyadet, center, speak to reporters at the Central Investigation Bureau on Monday. ( Police photo )

An eight-year-old boy is facing legal action after being accused of having reincarnated Buddha and having magical abilities to” connect people’s minds” ( connecting people’s minds ).

According to the Central Investigation Bureau,” Nong Nice” and eight other people who run Nong Nice’s “mind link” company and site have been charged with violating the Computer Crime Act, Donation Soliciting Act, and Child Welfare Protection Act.

The complaint was filed by a number of higher- report cultural critics, including Ananchai Chaiyadet, Praiwal” Peary” Wannabut, Thankhun Jitt- itsara and Khun Ton Or, the chairman of Get One Foundation.

In order to stop those who contradict the Lord Buddha’s doctrines, they also called for a change in the law governing Thailand’s Sangha Council, the country’s Buddhist purchase.

The “mind relationship” office and its owners, according to the complainants, must immediately be investigated, and they claim they are giving the public misleading information. &nbsp, &nbsp,

The CIB has been asked to look into whether Nong Nice and other members of the cult committed fraud, according to Mr. Ananchai, an attorney.

Nong Nice ( photo: Niramitdhevajuti Facebook page )

He claimed Nong Nice, who was the son of Lord Buddha in his past life and who possesses wonderful abilities related to the naga, a huge dragon in Thai mythology, is most likely to be responsible for the scheme.

Mr. Anachai claimed that in order to defend Buddhism, he was required as a law-abiding member to file the complaint against the eight-year-old and everyone connected to the sect.

He also criticised Nong Nice for not doing enough to prevent her from performing dubious acts on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. &nbsp,

Mr Thankhun, however, said a number of sufferers have come forward to introduce the plan but their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. &nbsp,

The organization’s representatives, including the NOB, the officers, and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, have even complained to Khun Ton Or. Nevertheless, they have failed to take any activity, he said. &nbsp,

One of the victims, Or Rak Khamram, claimed he had taken the course on mind relationship and discovered it to be fake.