Company director arrested over toxic-waste fires

Company director arrested over toxic-waste fires

Company director arrested over toxic-waste fires
Burned unsafe- spend dirt at the Win Process inventory in Ban Khai area, Rayong, on April 22. ( Photo: Ecological Alert and Recovery- Thailand )

A producer of Win Process Company Ltd. has been detained by police and is being interrogated about new industrial-waste fires at stores in Ayutthaya and Rayong regions.

More individuals are likely to be detained in connection with toxic waste storage and burns.

Pol Lt Gen Thatchai Pitaneelabut, associate federal police commander, told Thai PBS on Wednesday that Opas Boonchan, chairman of Win Process, was arrested in Phetchabun state on Tuesday evening and taken to Rayong early Wednesday night.

He was detained over new industrial-waste flames at a Win Process inventory in the Ban Khai region of Rayong and a warehouse that allegedly was rented out by Aek Uthai Co in the Phachi area of Ayutthaya state.

Apparently, Mr. Opas was detained at Aek Uthai Co in Phetchabun’s Si Thep area.

According to Pol Lt Gen Thatchai, detectives identified connections between the dangerous compound fires in Rayong and Ayutthaya. Prior to the fires, police had received complaints from people about the launch of contaminating carcinogenic substances and the storage of dangerous substances.

The assistant police chief said that investigators had made up data from the Rayong circumstance, which they thought was planned, and that they were gathering evidence for the fire in Ayuthaya.

He claimed that the spare had been stored rather than effectively disposed of as had been anticipated.

Police were looking into whether harmful waste had been stored in other provinces without permission, as well as tracking the flow of funds. According to Pol Lt. Gen Thatchai, officers intended to make more arrests for those connected to the flames.