Committee mulls ways to prevent fires

Committee mulls ways to prevent fires

Committee mulls ways to prevent fires
A cylinder of heating oil that caught blaze at Rayong’s Map Ta Phut Port on May 9 spread flames and smoke. ( Photo: Emergency Incident Command of Rayong )

In light of the recent string of warehouse and factory fires, the most recent of which occurred last week at Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal ( MTT ) in Rayong, the House committee on industry will meet on Wednesday to discuss measures to stop industrial accidents.

Move Forward&nbsp, Party ( MFP ) MP for Rayong, Kamonthas Kittisoonthornsakul, who is the deputy chair of the committee, said the meeting will discuss ways to improve security measures at industrial facilities and the appropriate compensation for future incidents.

The meeting follows the May 9 explosion at MTT’s pyrolysis gas ( pygas ) tank at Map Ta Phut Industrial Park. Four people were hurt in the event, including one who died. This year, there were 10 chemical and/or professional fires as a result of the explosion.

Five incidents have already occurred this quarter, including a May 2 fire at a lonely substance warehouse in Ayutthaya’s Phachi district.

Ms. Kamonthas claimed that some abnormalities were found in the Map Ta Phut climate assessment process.

Authorities looked in the inappropriate place, according to her, so they could conclude that the explosion did not lead to major waste.

According to her, authorities may have looked at numbers reported in tambon Huai Pong when they should have looked at the weather direction at the time of the explosion, noting that at least 60 residents in the area reported health issues as a result of the smoke and fire.

The state’s administration may come up with measures to deal with pollution-related issues because the number of factories in Rayong has continued to grow despite the province being on a list of pollution-control areas in 2009, she said.

According to Ms. Kamonthas, these include a better emergency alert system and a pollution evaluation for provincial factories.

However, Samart Ratchapolsitte, a past Bangkok lieutenant governor, took to his Instagram account to claim that the world’s waste laws have helped to avoid such incidents from happening.