Commentary: Singapore’s Marina Bay in Bangkok? Integrated resorts are coming to Thailand


But, if Mr Srettha wants to&nbsp, establish an entertainment complex within his name, he will have to look beyond Bangkok.

For a captain project, Chiang Mai in the northwest or Rayong, which is about a 50-minute push from Pattaya on the west coast, would be more feasible. The restoration of Khlong Toei is likely to take place over the course of a century, which is an extension of the long-awaited timeline for Marina Bay’s completion.

However, even with a eventually development routine, the Khlong Toei licence may also be the first to be tendered. Thailand may follow Singapore’s strategy of auctioning agreements from the most appealing to the least appealing.

This ensures that each licensing attracts a strong lake of bidders, maximising rivals and significance, something Japan critically overlooked. Without any specific rules, Chinese prefectures struggled to organize and plan their choice procedures, unintentionally tying them to one another to draw in casino operators.

To date, the government has largely remained quiet about legalizing casino gaming. Using Singapore’s design as a yardstick, Thailand is also looking at introducing similar cultural protection, such as entrance charges for Thai citizens and limiting the game area to 5 per cent of the hotel.

Investors still harbor some skepticism about Thailand’s ability to establish and uphold a stringent regulatory model, which is essential for attracting the best American casino hotel users, who are required to only invest in nations with strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

However, it is obvious that all events have political will to push it forward.