Commentary: Protect children from road accidents? Legal and education measures only go so far

Commentary: Protect children from road accidents? Legal and education measures only go so far


It is insufficient to concentrate on the monitoring of specific road users when we are confronted with the limits of human mental capacity.

Instead, we must actively style our roads, incorporating” customers calming” system to influence driving patterns and take into account human limitations.

The concept of prospects calming existed before the development of contemporary automobiles. Archaeologists have discovered proof that raised crosswalks were put in place to control customers in the historic city of Pompeii.

The actual design of roads is still used today by customers calming facilities to control traffic flow. Roadblocks are most frequently erected to compel vehicles to decrease down. This could entail taking steps like raising street parts with speed pimples or elevated crosswalks, installing uneven surfaces, or narrowing the road.

According to studies, adding traffic calming features can reduce visitors by 20 to 80 percent. These attributes have consequently decreased traffic fatalities and injuries in locations all over the world.

Residents in the area have called for more traffic calming actions for the neighborhood in light of the River Valley injury. Those who spoke to TODAY described a stretch that makes it difficult for drivers to see when driving down Institution Hill’s” steep” elevation and that” there is no proper cross” for walkers.

Residents in the area of two schools along Yuan Ching Road, where the Taman Jurong incident occurred, claimed that it was more convenient to went because the closest traffic light intersections were” too far.”


We need to follow a multi-pronged approach in light of the two new traffic accidents in order to stop the further reduction of life.

While we strongly advise people to abide by traffic rules, we also need to empower communities by implementing traffic-calming methods. This approach, which takes into account the various factors that contribute to traffic accidents, combines specific accountability with structural change. &nbsp,

Road safety is n’t an accident, after all, and it should be a journey rather than an end goal.

At Yale-NUS College and the NUS Yong Loo Lin&nbsp School of Medicine, Jean Liu is an alternative associate professor. Bozy Lu has a dual major in law and philosophy and graduated from Yale-NUS College. She is a companion and practicing attorney at Han &amp, Lu Law Chambers LLP, where she focuses on community rules and statements related to accidents. The authors ‘ personal thoughts are expressed in this criticism; it does not constitute legal counsel.