Commentary: Parenting is like flying a kite – learn when to pull and when to let go

Commentary: Parenting is like flying a kite - learn when to pull and when to let go


In his book Building Endurance in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings, paediatrician Dr Kenneth Ginsburg identifies seven” C’s”- ability, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and manage- as vital ingredients younger people need to swing back from life’s challenges.

Tenacious people possess an inner authority locus. They just look at the resources at their disposal and try their best to retrieve when things go wrong in living without blaming anyone else or their circumstances.

We must acknowledge that the development of democracy and endurance is closely linked to our parenting approach. When our children are young, they need nearby guidance and direction. For instance, kids frequently walk their kids through traffic light regulations and safety procedures while crossing the street.

We teach them how to flip their garments, set their alarm watches every day, and pack their bags and wallets for the day before they start school. &nbsp,

Many of parenting involves gradually handing over the reins so our teenagers can overcome the difficulties of life as they enter the next decade, and more specifically at the extra school mark.

This approach resembles a party. They learn a new talent as we take a step back and allow them to make a step forward, whether it’s fixing their own meal or tying their laces.

If they trip while making that leap, it might indicate that they are n’t entirely prepared to face the task alone. Or perhaps they just need some encouragement, like setting up a phone alarm to go upstairs on Thursday to get some instruction.