Commentary: How can Singapore keep up with the unique needs of prodigies?

Commentary: How can Singapore keep up with the unique needs of prodigies?


Beyond the classroom, we can engage fast learners as co-creators in their educational journey. We can tap into their unique perspective as students and involve them in designing learning activities, games, and even assignments.

This approach is not often explored outside of higher education, and I have discovered that we can empower our students to be effective co-creators.

I have personally mentored and taught both university and secondary school students with fundamental concepts in education, lessons in human behaviour, and ideas in game design. They learn empathy while trying to identify and problem-solve the various learning difficulties their peers encounter, and they learn to work better with their peers and teachers – once again, these are meaningful opportunities that would not have been available for their growth if we focus solely on accelerating their academic journey.

Through such co-creative collaborations, my students have created exciting learning games and activities, many of which I now use in my own classes. These students feel a great sense of achievement knowing that they have contributed in a significant way.

Not only do these co-creative interactions enrich my students, but they have also profoundly impacted my growth and shaped me as an educator.

I learnt that what may be meaningful to me may not always appear meaningful to them – their sharing helps me to bridge my world with theirs, so that I am better able to relate with them and engage them in a way that they feel is truly meaningful to their learning experience.

This highlights the immense potential in our students and the transformative impact of keeping them engaged by tapping on their talents and insights in a meaningful way, regardless of age, background or ability.