Commentary: Can we get a check, please, on Singapore restaurant hype?

Commentary: Can we get a check, please, on Singapore restaurant hype?


It should n’t surprise you that local eateries ‘ ethos suggests that “if you build the hype, they will come” In the midst of outrageously high ingredients, personnel, and book costs, restaurateurs must strive for the quickest, highest return on investment.

Due to this, many restaurants and bars sell healthy TikTok fish like truffle fries, sandos, and eggs benedict served in stylized interior designs. Very up with a touch of togarashi below, a superior of prosciutto there, and a kimchi kick in anything else, then nudge up pricing.

Good dining restaurants bank on chef pedigree, very sourced ingredients, dramatic theatrics, sagacious sommeliers and perfectly written narratives. Reservations can be thwarted and seats are guaranteed for a long period of time due to first excitement.

But something does n’t cook right in this recipe for restaurant success: According to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, 3, 616 new F&amp, B businesses opened in 2023 and 2, 748 closed in the same year. Higher rates and unpleasant circumstances lead to erratic guests who eagerly await exciting new locations.

How some three or even four decimal restaurant pages can one consume before their appetites are lost, as much as the hottest new furniture trigger the been-there-eat-there fury?