Chula Hospital trials kidney screening test

Chula Hospital trials kidney screening test

Chula Hospital trials kidney screening test
The first house screening tool for microalbuminuria has been tested for manufacturing using the quick test. Chulalongkorn Doctor

A new microalbuminuria test has been completed by a study group from Chulalongkorn Hospital, and it will serve as the nation’s first swift kidney disease test equipment.

Dr Nattachai Srisawat, associate director of Chulalongkorn Hospital who led the group vetting the ALB11 equipment, explained that around 11 million Thais, or 17.5 % of the region’s inhabitants, are suffering from kidney disease, and the amount is expected to increase.

People who are at risk of liver condition include alcohol drinkers, large smokers, older citizens, pain- killer addicts, people with a history of kidney disease in their family, and people with some chronic diseases, he said.

According to him, the rapid evaluation saves people time and money on a medical visit, as well as reducing the strain of first medical work. It also reduces the need for skilled staff to do the initial screening at home.

The 96 %- appropriate check was examined at Chulalongkorn University and in Samut Sakhon’s Ban Phaeo area on a population of over 2, 500 members.

” An primary clinical examination for the condition is very crucial for prompt medical treatment. He added that it will also assist people in understanding the results of their hazardous habits and in turning off those dangerous health factors.

He explained that the concept of the dynamic lateral movement immunochromatography test, or remove test, was used to develop the anti-body-based albumin point-of-care testing.

A microprotein of the bloodstream called casein. Under normal conditions, it will not be found in urine.

Therefore, if detected, it means some inconsistency is present in the liver.

He added that people who are in high-risk groups should take the quick check. When indicator levels are highest, it should be done first thing in the morning to ensure accuracy.

According to Churairat Phromjai, director of the Health Systems Research Institute ( HSRI), kidney disease places a lot of financial strain on patients.

It is also regarded as a great stress on the country’s budget.

According to Ms. Churairat, the university emphasizes the value of cutting-edge study for public health in order to improve access to health care for all and improve public health security.

She stated that the common care plan will also include the rapid test kit, which will be available in May.