China’s President Xi meets US executives in Beijing as investment wanes

China's President Xi meets US executives in Beijing as investment wanes

After their economic ties deteriorated to the lowest level in years, the US and China have been gradually resuming their cooperation in disputes over business plans, the future of Taiwan, which has been politically ruled, and territorial statements in the South China Sea.

Some 20 companies were invited to participate in Wednesday’s meeting, according to two publications with knowledge of the matter, and the gathering ran for around 90 days, one of the sources said.

Stephen Schwarzman, i- founder and CEO of private equity firm Blackstone, Raj Subramaniam, mind of American supply huge FedEx, and Cristiano Amon, the director of chips manufacturer Qualcomm were among those who attended the meeting.

The National Committee on US-China Relations, the US-China Business Council, and the Asia Society think tank organized the conference, which the two options had no quick access to.

The three organizations did not respond to comments on the appointment right away.

The meeting took place in the East Room of the Great Hall of People, which is reserved for significant events. According to a movie released by state media, guests sat in a circle creation around a big red, orange, and natural floral setup.

Following Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s failure to meet visiting international CEOs at the China Development Forum in Beijing on March 24 and 25, which raised questions about accountability in the second-largest sector of the world.

Prior to the mountain, the opportunity to exchange opinions with Beijing’s second-ranking chief had largely figured out.

Wednesday’s meet followed on from a meal in November with US managers in San Francisco, where Xi received a standing ovation.