China ships Tibetan glacier water to climate-threatened Maldives

China ships Tibetan glacier water to climate-threatened Maldives

Officials on Thursday ( Mar 28 ) reported that China has sent more than a million bottles of water to the Maldives as a gift from the world’s highest mountains to a low-lying archipelago threatened by rising seas.

The Indian Ocean’s 1,192 little coral islands are at the forefront of the climate crisis, with sugar levels leaking into the ground and causing water to be contaminated, making it rely on desalination plants.

According to researchers, the Himalayan glaciers are melting more quickly than ever as a result of climate change.

The Xizang Autonomous Region, or Tibet, which is located more than 3, 385 kilometers away on the other side of the world’s highest mountain range, was given the ocean by the Island ‘ foreign government.

A port power national reported that the shipment of mineral water packed into 90 ocean containers had arrived last week and had already been loaded into Male, the capital.

The Island ‘ foreign department said in a statement that the president of the Xizang Autonomous Region had made the decision to donate 1,500 tonnes of drinking water during his official visit to the nation in November.

“WATER Deficit”

The government refuted claims made on social media that Mohamed Muizzu, who was in charge of China’s affairs last year on an anti-Indian platform, was drinking the smuggled water.

The Islands government has made the decision to use the liquid to assist islands in times of water shortage, it said.