China says ‘difficult’ to attend Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland

China says 'difficult' to attend Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland

BEIJING: China said Friday ( May 31 ) it would be “difficult” to attend a conference on the war in Ukraine slated to take place in Switzerland next month.

According to foreign department spokesperson Mao Ning,” The design of the conference also falls short of China’s requirements and the expectations of the global neighborhood, making it difficult for China to attend.”

Ukraine is attempting to increase enrollment at the June serenity conference, aiming to gain wide international support for its vision of the conditions needed to put an end to Russia’s conflict.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the chairman, has urged China to participate.

Beijing insisted on Friday that any mountain would require Russia’s contribution, which Ukraine has rejected.

China has often urged that the International Peace Conference have Russia and Ukraine recognition, equal participation from all events, and honest discussion of all peace programs, according to Mao.

” Normally, it is difficult for the seminar to play a meaningful part in restoring peace”, she said.

She continued,” We will promote peace talks in our own way, stay in touch with all parties, and work together to create conditions for a political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.”

Moscow has criticized the idea of a peace conference without Russia as “absurd.”