Chemicals “must all be relocated”

Chemicals "must all be relocated"

Chemicals 'must all be relocated'
An aerial view of the injury after a blaze raged at a warehouse in Ban Khai city, Rayong, next month. ( Photo courtesy of the Disaster Response Association )

Following next month’s manufacturer fire there, residents of Rayong have urged the provincial government to move harmful chemicals kept at a toxic waste storage plant.

Before setting off to join the provincial government, Traiphop Wongtrairat, a group of people who were affected by the fire gathered at Wat Nong Phawa in Ban Khai area.

Residents of the meeting voiced their concerns and demanded that the government step in to stop chemicals from being stored very close to local communities. Additionally, they want more assistance following the recent fireplace.

At 9am on April 22, a fire and explosions erupted at the Win Process Co business waste inventory. Since then, toxins from the business have been discovered in a warehouse in Rayong’s Muang area, Map Ta Phut.

The business has been charged by the government with careless or negligent damage to property and people’s lives.

Due to the toxins left at the page, people were moved to Wat Nong Phawa that day as a caution. No deaths were reported.

The people on Wednesday sent an open letter to Mr. Traiphob asking him to take immediate action to help the people who have been harmed by the fire.

They claimed that shut to people’s homes and communities, including those in Ban Nong Pawa community in tambon Bang But in Ban Khai city, were a large number of illegal and dangerous pesticides kept there.

No steps had been taken to address the fire’s effect on residents since the April 22 incident because fumes could still be seen coming from the location.

Some people had respiratory issues, eye and nasal irritation, and body inflammation as a result of the chemical’s strong odor.

The people suggested that the government set up a working group to develop a chemical management plan in seven times and move the first shipment of chemicals stored in factories from residential areas in 30 days and the rest in 90 days.

In addition, wellness checks may be performed to discover any harmful contaminants in residents ‘ bodies, they said.