Changi Airport trials new baggage tracker service

Passengers departing from Changi Airport will be able to track their bags upon check-in to the point of loading, while those arriving at Changi Airport will be able to track their bags from check-in at their origin airport to the baggage belt at Changi Airport. 

Passengers transferring at Changi Airport will be able to track their bags from check-in to their arrival in Changi Airport and to the point of loading for departure if both origin and destination flights are participating airlines. 

For transfer baggage, short connections – for example, due to delayed inbound flights – and One-Stop Security transfer flights, these may not be trackable as such bags may be managed directly by the airlines that the passenger is travelling on.

For transfer passengers, if the tracker shows that the bags will be delivered to a belt in Singapore, it might be because they purchased their tickets to their final destination separately and may need to collect their bags at the arrival belt and check in again for the next flight.

Passengers should check at the transfer counter to confirm that their bags have been checked in to the final destination.


Changi Airport said the information used by the airline tracker and its new baggage tracker is similar.

“Your airline may provide additional information only available to them, while our tracker may have more information displayed that is integrated with our airport facilities,” it wrote on its website.

The baggage traveller utilises a combination of information provided by the airline and Changi Airport’s baggage system.

The airport said it is working on upgrading arrival baggage tracking systems in Terminal 1 and Terminal 4, and will provide more updates soon.

It added that bags may be loaded at any time before the flight departs and notifications may be delayed. 

“In the event you are unable to find your bag on the arrival belt, please proceed to the Lost and Found counter for more information and assistance,” said the airport.

Passengers with more questions or feedback can email Changi Airport, or fill up the survey link found at the bottom of their bag tracker card.