Chadchart looks into ‘unusual’ gym equipment buys

Chadchart looks into ‘unusual’ gym equipment buys

The government of Bangkok promises fast answers when it comes to purchasing the B750, 000 gym and other expensive equipment.

Chadchart looks into ‘unusual’ gym equipment buys
On Thursday, people in the Chatuchak city of Bangkok use the Wachirabenchathat park’s sports equipment. ( Photo: Pornprom Satrabhaya )

For two sports facilities run by City Hall, Bangkok government Chadchart Sittipunt has acknowledged finding an unusual pattern in the procurement of gym equipment, such as a gym, that costs as much as a vehicle.

On Thursday, Mr. Chadchart addressed the growing public skepticism about the construction of Chatuchak’s Suan Rod Fai and Waree Phirom Park’s ( also known as Suan Rod Fai ) sports facilities.

If any officials were discovered to be engaged in illegal behavior, the government vowed to intensify the investigation and file legal actions. He added that City Hall may be held accountable for maintaining transparency in its operations.

At a press conference convened by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration ( BMA ), he said,” I insist on being transparent.”

The Solid Thailand Anti-Corruption Club made the comment on Tuesday on Facebook that it was relevant. According to the report, the BMA purchased 22 bits of gym equipment for the two sporting facilities for approximately 10 million baht. Some items had significantly higher prices than the average market rate, such as a spinning cycle at 484, 000 baht and an electronic treadmill at 759, 000 baht.

The organization claimed to have discovered more unusual purchases at a total value of 103.2 million baht at another seven sports facilities.

Mr. Chadchart responded by stating that the BMA and the State Audit Office ( SAO ) were engaged in an internal investigation led by its anti-corruption committee while working with the SAO on its investigation.

He claimed that the BMA has long taken steps to stop fraud in the purchasing industry. The Bangkok Metropolitan Council, which has 50 people, has first approve any goods and services. Every purchase may have a median stated cost, which the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand’s website provides an online program for public scrutiny.

The BMA, according to the government, may expedite the investigation in order to win back the public’s trust.

Somboon Homnan, the lieutenant continuous director of the BMA, said purchases are conducted through electronic- selling. He claimed that the BMA had conducted research to find common prices with three sporting gear producers, as required by the law, for the gym equipment.

Sanon Wangsrangboon, a lieutenant governor, said the company who provided the treadmill products to the BMA had worked with City Hall since March 2022 or dating back to the time of its previous government, Pol Gen Aswin Kwanmuang.

According to him, based on the data from the actai. i site, a gym at that time was priced at around 600, 000 baht.

The agreement on the purchasing was signed in 2022, or before the current administration took company in June that year.

But, none the purchasing nor its approach was associated with the previous government, he said, adding that the BMA may work closely with the SAO to provide it with knowledge.