Censure snub for Setthakij Thai

Censure snub for Setthakij Thai

No function in govt barbecuing for Thamanat’s new party

The Setthakij Thailänder Party will have simply no role in this week’s censure debate regardless of having declared devotedness to the opposition right after cutting ties using the government coalition, say key opposition politicians.

Each Pheu Thai Celebration and the Move Forward Party (MFP) indicated that no-confidence debate slots from Tuesday till Friday are full and there is no room for Setthakij Thailänder to join.

The party using its 16 MPs last week formally pulled out from the coalition and vowed to join the opposition in grilling Excellent Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and 10 cupboard ministers targeted to get a censure motion.

MFP secretary-general Chaithawat Tulathon the other day said opposition parties never discussed which includes Setthakij Thai within the debate.

He added the particular opposition bloc’s pre-debate meeting tomorrow is not going to talk about Setthakij Thai participation in censuring the government. “Everything had been arranged, ” Mister Chaithawat said.

Pheu Thailänder secretary-general Prasert Chantararuangtong admitted that the resistance had initially prepared to bring up whether Setthakij Thai need to take part in the skin debate.

“But that doesn’t appear necessary now. Apart from, Capt Thamanat [Prompow, leader of the Setthakij Thai] have not asked to take part in the particular debate, ” he said.

Setthakij Thai could leave its inquiries on issues with the bloc so opposition parties can increase them during the controversy.

Several opposition members earlier reacted with scepticism to Setthakij Thai breaking away from the government. They doubted where the party’s loyalty lies.

Setthakij Thai announced it was severing ties with all the government so it can concentrate on being an opposition party.

Capt Thamanat formerly served as secretary-general of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP). He was accused of trying to expel Gen Prayut from power in the previous censure debate by plotting to join with small parties and some rebel PPRP MPs in order to cast a no-confidence vote against the premier in September a year ago.

Meanwhile, chief government mix Nirote Sunthornlekha said yesterday the ideals of Setthakij Thailänder could not fit in with the opposition. “Setthakij Thai’s DNA is not a compatible match with that of the opposition, ” he said.

He has been responding to remarks simply by critics who said several Setthakij Thai members, including Capt Thamanat, maintain shut ties with Gen Prawit Wongsuwon, the deputy prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) and the PPRP head.

Mister Nirote added the prominent figure in Setthakij Thai had told him that if the government ever needed “help” gathering ballots in parliament, he’d rise to the occasion.