Cannabis backers urge minister not to turn back clock

Cannabis backers urge minister not to turn back clock

Advisers claim that appropriate legislation is manage use without reincriminalizing “people’s plants.”

Cannabis backers urge minister not to turn back clock
A clinic on Khao San Road, a well-known traveler plague in Bangkok, displays a test of cannabis to a team member. ( Reuters File Photo )

A week after the government announced a serious policy change, the government was urged by dozens of cannabis advocates on Thursday to abandon its plans to re-list marijuana as an illegal substance.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, is pushing for the prohibition of marijuana use only for health purposes and taking a strong stand against illegal drugs, which he claims are causing addiction and destroying young people’s future.

On Thursday, pro-cannabis parties met with Somsak Thepsutin, the minister of health, and demanded that he reconsider the policy change.

” Even as medical use, do n’t bring the people’s plant into the system. For hundreds of years, that is what we have been waiting for. When you need licensing there is corruption”, said Prasitchai Nunual, minister- standard of Thailand’s Cannabis Future Network.

The nation legalized cannabis for medical use and study for the first time in 2018. The plant was removed from the federal narcotics list in June 2022 by the government of Gen Prayut Chan- o cha, allowing people to grow, offer, and take it.

In an economy estimated to be worth up to$ 1.2 billion by 2025, there are hundreds of cannabis cafes and shops popping up all over the country, particularly in tourist areas.

Critics claim that the previous government rushed liberalization by leaving no clear guidelines or draft cannabis laws unwritten, which created widespread consumer misinformation and abuse.

Thai medication and recipes have a long history of using marijuana to treat pain and fatigue, with use even in conventional medicine and recipes. Mr. Somsak told the group that cannabis should only be used for health reasons.

Mr Somsak’s president as secretary, Dr Cholnan Srikaew, had been pushing for strong legislation to curb the recreational use of cannabis. He had created a bill that may spell out the approved medical applications of the plant as well as what types of use would be prohibited.

However, some cannabis companies claim that the issue is not with pleasure use of the drug but rather the cloud that surrounds rules or regulations.

” There is nothing more reasonable than a comprehensive Cannabis Act, which currently addresses the health problems like apply among kids and controlled growth,” said activist and hemp store Chokwan” Kitty” Chopaka.

” We do not help a wild west of cannabis in Thailand, but plan that backs producers, suppliers and health people”.