Calls mount for stiffer drunk-driving penalties

Calls mount for stiffer drunk-driving penalties

Fines are sought for those who sell beer to drunk drivers in accidents.

Calls mount for stiffer drunk-driving penalties
In November 2023, a authorities officer in Bangkok conducts a breathalyser on a vehicle at a station. ( Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut )

Regulators are pushing to impose harsher penalties for drunk drivers who inflict harm and wreck roads.

The Do n’t Drive Drunk Foundation ( DDD ) recently submitted a petition to a committee studying the Alcohol Control Act to demand more severe penalties for those accused of driving while intoxicated, according to committee chairman Wisarn Techatheerawat on Tuesday.

The plea demanded that any stores that sell alcohol to adolescents who are involved in drunk driving accidents that result in fatalities face both civil and criminal charges and have their license revoked.

Users of these enterprises are also making money for drunk driving victims, according to Mr. Wisarn.

The base urged the commission to collaborate with business owners to create a bank to help those who suffer from excessive alcohol consumption, particularly drunk drivers.

By the time the next program, which is scheduled to begin in July, the council would have received the group’s petition, according to Mr. Wisarn.

He claimed that council members had discussed ways to improve the reliability of the rules and stop corruption by state officials with former assistant police chief Pol Gen Achirawit Suwanpesat.

According to Mr. Wisarn, the 42-member commission has pledged to come up with the best and loveliest options that make noticeable improvements to the public.

With Public Health Minister Somsak Thepsutin, the group will examine the proposed regulation revisions and the private sector’s help.

Because it is supported by more than one political party or party, Mr. Wisarn claimed that the amended laws may benefit society as a whole.