Boong”s kin get late activist”s medical data

Boong"s kin get late activist"s medical data

Boong's kin get late activist's medical data
Netiporn” Boong” Sanesangkhom

Relatives ofNetiporn” Boong” Sanesangkhomhave finally been given a copy of the late activist’s medical records by the Department of Corrections (DoC), the department said on Monday.

According to Weerada Kongthanakulroj, the attorney representing the later blogger’s girl, the family had constantly pleaded to see the records, which contain details of Boong’s state in the days leading up to her dying.

She claimed that the division has delayed handing Boong’s medical records at least seven times since the family initially requested them.

According to a blog on DoC’s Twitter page, Netiporn’s health data were given to her mother’s attorney on Monday night.

DoC authorities also took journalists on a tour of the late activist’s home before she passed away, according to the blog.

Netiporn was transferred from the Medical Correctional Hospital to Thammasat University Hospital on March 8 to get treated for calcium loss and acid.

Netiporn’s status improved, according to Thammasat University Hospital’s announcement on March 27 that she could be discharged.

She passed away on May 14 from a heart attack at Thammasat University Hospital.

Netiporn, who was a key figure in the Thalu Wang protest movement, had been serving time at the Central Women’s Correctional Institution since January 26, when her bail was voided in connection with a lese-majeste fee.

She died while she was in a detention facility for 110 time while on a hunger strike.