Book showcases kingdom’s fossil heritage

72 specimens from 56 types highlighted in particular project carried out for King’s day

Book showcases kingdom’s fossil heritage
In honor of His Majesty the King on July 28th, his 72nd day, the King chose 72 coal samples from 56 different species to be included in a book on the kingdom’s geographical heritage. ( Photo: Facebook Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment )

A book honoring His Majesty the King on his 72nd day, July 28th, has been produced by the Department of Mineral Resources using 72 specimens of 56 types from the National Registered Fossils record.

The book will include 23 species ( 39 samples ) of reptiles, 21 species ( 21 samples ) of mammals and 12 species ( 12 samples ) of fish.

According to Thalerngsak Petchsuwan, assistant permanent secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, it will be accessible in both Thai and English to provide information to the public about specimens as well as aristocratic activities.

The government began looking into remains in 1899 and passed the Fossil Protection Act in 2008 to safeguard and protect the village’s geographical history.

Currently, 93 species comprising 505 fossil samples have been registered, of which 56 species ( 189 samples ) have been declared” National Registered Fossils”, considered rare and valuable national treasures.