Blackpink’s Jennie ‘regrets’ vaping indoors

Jennie, the Blackpink sun, has apologised after a film that showed her smoking indoors sparked a furious protest in South Korea.

The K-pop celebrity blew into her makeup artist’s face as she exhaled a puff of smoke, which caused a barrage of criticism.

Do you need to learn all the fundamentals of medicine? a well-liked YouTube post reads.

Her brand OA Entertainment has apologised to “everyone who felt uneasy with Jennie’s steps”, and to her “disappointed” enthusiasts. The celebrity has even apologised to people” who may have been affected”, the brand said.

Jennie expresses regret and acknowledges her error by vaping inside and causing pain to the staff, according to the statement.

North Korean stars are no neighbors to the constant attention. No mistake is made in the country, which imposes strict social and psychological standards on them.

The now-deleted time was portion of a video posted on Jennie’s official YouTube channel. It immediately spread through the 10 million-plus users and above.

” It’s not about smoking. Blowing dust in the face of the team indoors- it’s really rude”, a major YouTube opinion on a media outlet’s channel reads.

Another one says:” Even smokers know that you do n’t puff on your friends ‘ face. You only do it when you truly do n’t give a damn about the people who are around you.

In South Korea, smoking and vaping indoors are prohibited and subject to fines of up to 100 000 ($ 72, £56 ).

In this case, yet, Jennie- whose whole title is Jennie Kim- might not have been vaping in South Korea. According to some records, the movie was shot in Italy, which forbids smoking in enclosed public areas. However, Jennie’s agency has n’t stated where she was at the time.

One enraged North Korean has contacted the ministry of foreign affairs in Seoul and the ambassador in Italy to request an investigation.

Not just Jennie, a famous South Asian, has experienced backlash from smoking.

Doh Kyung-soo, musician for the common K-pop boy band EXO and Haechan, a song in the group NCT, drew a lot of criticism when they were caught smoking inside. They were given fines and apologised to the consumer.

Jennie’s international fans have been more forgiving:” Please do n’t listen]to] anyone. We will always be with you, the best opinion under her most recent Instagram article reads,” You are queen, and we will help you forever.”

” I still love you. We learn from the mistakes we make”, another lover wrote.

Blackpink, formed in 2016, is the country’s biggest K-pop child party. The four users- Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie and Rosé- have each become artists in their own straight.