Billion-dollar money laundering case: Man who jumped off balcony gets 14 months’ jail

Billion-dollar money laundering case: Man who jumped off balcony gets 14 months' jail

SINGAPORE: A man who jumped off a balcony during a raid to arrest suspects related to Singapore’s largest money laundering case was convicted and sentenced to 14 months ‘ jail&nbsp, on Thursday ( Apr 4), days after being handed more charges. &nbsp,

Su Haijin, a nationwide from Cyprus, was the following of ten criminals to be found guilty following the arrests made during police attacks last August. More than S$ 3 billion ( US$ 2.2 billion ) in goods have been seized or frozen in connection with the event, making it one of the biggest money laundering activities in the world.

Su, 41, pleaded guilty to three out of 14 costs. These were for resisting valid imprisonment and possessing&nbsp, through a barrel business Yihao Cyber Technologies.

The remaining allegations may be taken into account when determining his imprisonment. Among them are three counts of assisting two women in obtaining or renewing job passes by making false statements to the work pass controller.

A squad of police officers showed up at Su’s home on August 15 and identified themselves to his eldest boy at 16 Ewart Park. &nbsp,

The boy afterwards led them to the home, but the door was closed and locked. Su refused to answer the son’s request to enter the building. Otherwise, he inquired about the identities of the people who were with him. &nbsp,

The soldiers ‘ group identified themselves and asked Su to open the door, admonishing him for breaking the door to enter. They later attempted to locate Su, but they were unable to.

Studies eventually revealed that Su had jumped from the ledge on the second floor to the ground surface. He slammed his feet against the wall and injured his elbow, but he stumblingd away from the building. &nbsp,

He hid in a drain, where he eventually found and was detained. &nbsp,

Assets worth about S$ 170 million, including cash, cars, and expensive things, were seized from Su.

Separately, Su was the director and shareholder of Yihao Cyber Technologies, whose company was listed as the development of technology. &nbsp,

Investigations revealed that the business had no reasonable business in Singapore. Su just received email from the handle Su had registered at despite it having one in the Marina neighborhood. Another organization was using the space.

The sanctions for resisting arrest are a prison term of up to a month, a great, or both.

An perpetrator can remain jailed for up to three years, fined up to S$ 150, 000, or both for capturing property that is reasonably suspected to be the result of criminal conduct and failing to adequately account how they came by using it.