Bill proposed to revoke NCPO orders

Bill proposed to revoke NCPO orders

The Bhumjaithai Party takes on the coup’s reputation.

Bill proposed to revoke NCPO orders
The revolution that overthrew the Pheu Thai Party-led state on May 22, 2014, is announced by Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the then-army chief, in a national television broadcast. Armed makes commanders and the head of the national authorities are encircling Gen. Prayut. ( Screenshot )

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO ), the now-defunct coup-makers, issued some orders and announcements that are still in effect, and the Bhumjaithai Party has proposed a bill to revoke them.

According to the group, these directives and presentations violate women’s rights.

The bill was presented to Areepen Utarasint, the congress president’s advisor, on Monday and Monday by Saritpong Kiewkong, a Bhumjaithai MP for Krabi, who accepted it on his behalf.

According to Mr. Saritpong, Bhumjaithai head Anutin Charnvirakul had given the side’s legal team the task of investigating complaints from various organizations regarding some NCPO orders and disclosures that are still in effect and are thought to violate human rights rules.

According to him, the NCPO issued 240 commands and presentations, of which 71 became laws.

The NCPO staged a coup to overthrow the Pheu Thai-led state in 2014 under the leadership of former prime minister Prayut Chan o dah.

According to Mr. Saritpong, the side’s legal team has also discovered a way to pass an additional 37 commands and presentations.

He continued by saying that since the directives and declarations made by coup-makers are similar to laws, a legislative process must be started if they are to be repealed.

Additionally, he added, there are 55 orders and announcements that are comparable to cupboard resolutions and that the cabinet’s decrees may withdraw.

However, according to Mr. Saritpong, Bhumjaithai thought that some of the NCPO’s directives and announcements may continue to be followed because they are also essential for managing national affairs.

” Some of them will look good in the eyes of foreign investors if they change from coup-makers ‘ orders to normal laws,” he said.

According to a group source, the bill’s main goal is to overturn some NCPO-issued orders and presentations that are viewed as restricting citizens ‘ rights and freedoms and were made under Section 44 of the time constitution, which was passed following the 2014 coup.

As the NCPO’s leader, Gen. Prayut was given broad authority by the area to supersede all other rules. The present constitution was amended to include Section 44. The charter’s Part 279 also supports NCPO presentations and purchases.