Baseball star Ohtani ‘shocked’ by alleged theft

Baseball star Ohtani 'shocked' by alleged theft

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Shohei Ohtani, the cup for the Los Angeles Dodgers, claims he is “beyond stunned” that his translator allegedly used his money to make illegal sports bets.

The Chinese sports star’s lengthy- time translator, Ippei Mizuhara, was fired by the Los Angeles Dodgers last week after allegations of theft connected to illegitimate gambling.

Ohtani said he was “very saddened” that” one who I trusted has done this”.

The two-time Major League Baseball MVP is unconcerned with any crime.

Ohtani’s authorized staff have accused Mr Mizuhara of “massive extortion”. The US football club is also looking into the situation, while the Internal Revenue Service is looking into something.

The football star attempted to come up with a legal defense on Monday as he attempted to address the controversy surrounding his interpreter and close friend.

Ohtani claimed he had never been a sports bookmaker and that he had no idea that Mr. Mizuhara was using millions of dollars from the ball player’s bank account to pay off the writer’s debt.

According to ESPN, at least$ 4.5m ( £3.5m ) was transferred from Ohtani’s bank account to a bookmaker.

Sports betting is permitted in 38 American claims, but it is still prohibited in California. Additionally, the MLB has its own guidelines for sports betting.

The ball player’s speaker had previously told ESPN that he had asked the football legend for help with his gaming debts and Ohtani had agreed.

” Obviously, ]Ohtani] was n’t happy about it and said he would help me out to make sure I never do this again”, Mr Mizuhara told the outlet.

At first, Ohtani representatives told the media to support this assertion, but after Mr. Mizuhara was fired, they eventually retract the statement.

The football player claimed on Monday that “everything has been a perfect lie.”

Shohei Ohtani

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Ohtani further claimed that the speaker lied to Ohtani’s associates, telling them that the Japanese baseball legend had in truth agreed to pay off his debt, and that Mr. Mizuhara had not informed him of the reporters ‘ inquiries about the incident.

The sun pitcher claimed that Mr. Mizuhara first informed him about his gambling issue after the Dodgers ‘ season opening in South Korea next year. Mr. Mizuhara directed him to a one-on-one meeting and explained his “massive loan” to him. Ohtani said.

” I never agreed to pay off the debt or make payment to the bookmaker”, Ohtani said via the speaker.

Ohtani claimed to have referred the matter to his attorneys, who may handle it while he concentrated on the upcoming year.

Mr. Mizuhara has been Mr. Ohtani’s constant companion since he began his stay in the US in 2018.

But the writer’s history has come under scrutiny in illumination of the scandal.

Despite what the speaker included in his open history, the University of California, Riverside claimed in a statement that they had no evidence that Mr. Mizuhara actually attended the university.

And despite reports and a Los Angeles Angels press guide’s claim, the Boston Red Sox claimed Mr. Mizuhara was not employed by the franchise as an interpreter.

Los Angeles Dodgers director Dave Roberts earlier this week stated that he backed Ohtani’s choice to handle the discussion.

He said at a media conference on Sunday,” I’m glad he’s going to communicate, respond to what he knows, and share his thoughts on the situation as a whole.”

Ohtani played last week in Seoul, South Korea, in front of a sold-out group during a two-game set between the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres.

Next December, Ohtani signed a document 10- season,$ 700m agreement with the Dodgers, becoming the face of the sports company.

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