Asian Games landmark for e-sports ignites Olympic dreams

3D artist Prajapati recalled how his father again discovered him playing video games at night while being surrounded by six cheering kids.

” I received a lot of reprimands… Prajapati, who is now the parents of a two-year-old child, chuckled,” I think I got beaten up.

The story of Prajapati is well known among enthusiasts from various nations.

My kids definitely hated me playing video games, Kim Gwan-woo, who did represent South Korea in Street Fighter V, told AFP in Seoul.

He added,” I think they will be very happy if I actually win a medal ,” but they continue to be” dubious” about him attending the Asian Games.

South Korea is anticipated to be the dominating force in e-sports at the Games, along with hosts China.


E-sports competitions at the Games are anticipated to draw sizable crowds to the futuristic-looking China Hangzhou Esport’s Center, as opposed to people sneaking off to run-down malls against their parents’ wishes.

According to Professor Kang of Shingu College, who was one of the first generation of Korean professional gamers going by the alias” H. O. T Forever ,” its inclusion at the Games is a turning point for e-sports in its quest for recognition as an” real” sport.

” Why is a video game on TV?” was the first response I had when I first started playing in the late 1990s. Kang informed AFP.

However, he continued,” With the difficult job of the players and team, I think we’re on 90 % it in becoming a true game.”