China sends top envoy Wang Yi to Russia for security talks

China sends top envoy Wang Yi to Russia for security talks
China's newly appointed Foreign Minister Wang Yi attends a meeting with his Turkish counterpart , in Ankara, on July 26, 2023shabby graphics

Wang Yi, the top minister for China, is in Russia for safety discussions as Moscow looks for more support for its conflict with Ukraine.

Beijing, a close friend of Moscow, denies being accused of providing Russia with indirect support during the conflict.

It is believed that Mr. Wang’s journey will pave the way for Vladimir Putin to immediately pay a historic visit to Beijing.

Mr. Putin stated earlier this month that he would join with Chinese President Xi Jinping but did not specify a time.

Since the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for him for war crimes in Ukraine, he has never traveled abroad.

Additionally, it comes after Mr. Putin greeted Kim Jong Un of Korea, North in a meeting that was anticipated to result in an shoulders agreement.

Mr. Wang is in Russia for” strategic stability interviews” for four weeks, according to China’s international government.

Moscow announced that he would meet with Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, and that the two had talk about” issues related to a lawsuit in Ukraine” and Asia-Pacific security.

It comes a few days after Mr. Putin’s very contentious invite of Kim, which the US claimed was intended to talk about selling Korea, Northn weapons to Russia. There is a rumored lack of weapons and ammunition in Moscow.

According to reports from Russia and Korea, North, they discussed” military participation” and support for Pyongyang’s dish program.

China’s foreign government declined to comment when questioned about Mr. Kim last week, stating that it was” something between their two places.”

However, given Beijing’s close ties to the other two nations, some analysts think that any joint Korea, North – Russia support is taking place with Chinese knowledge or even inherent consent.

Beyond communist ideology and their shared mistrust of the US and the West, these relationships go beyond that. Beijing has long been Pyongyang’s financial backbone thanks to trade, and in the last year, it has also started to become Moscow’ due to increased purchases of Russian oil and gas.

Without China being aware of it, nothing that is happening with Russia and Korea, North can become happening. Alexander Korolev, an expert on China-Russia ties with the University of New South Wales in Australia, said,” I don’t believe they would engage physically without Beijing’s acceptance.

He continued by saying that China might also consider Korea, North as a helpful ally in the conflict in Ukraine.

It is possible to assist Russia with very small reputational costs by just enabling Korea, North to cooperate militarily with Russia. It might place the blame on Korea, North’s corrupt government, whose deeds have nothing to do with them. If this is the situation, it would be a wise decision. He remarked.

Additionally, Mr. Wang’s trip to Russia coincides with his meeting with US national security advisor Jake Sullivan in Malta. According to statements made by the US and China, the two gentlemen had also talked about local surveillance and the Ukraine war in addition to their relationship with China.

It may be unlikely that China would do this, Mr. Korolev said, despite the US’s efforts to force Korea, North to halt any participation. He claimed that China had more than a year to put an end to the conflict if they wanted to play ball the British manner, but they have not.

The US has accused China of providing crucial systems and economic support to Russia since the war started.

Beijing is” pursuing a variety of financial aid procedures for Russia that mitigate both the influence of American sanctions and export controls ,” according to an intelligence report from the US that was released in July.

It cited China’s increased purchases of Russian energy imports, the increased use of its dollar in international trade, and the” probable” source of dual technology— things that could be used in Ukraine for both civil and military functions, like robots.

China has vehemently refuted these claims and insists on maintaining an impartial stance on the conflict.

It has released its own harmony strategy for Ukraine, which was revealed earlier this year during a flurry of diplomacy carried out by Mr. Wang when he last traveled to Moscow and met President Putin.

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