Arrest warrants out for 6 Thai oil smugglers

Arrest warrants out for 6 Thai oil smugglers
Six alleged fuel traffickers have been subject to warrants for their arrest. ( Photo: Bangkok Post )

In the case’s urgent meeting, Pol Gen Anek Taosupap, the deputy commander of the Crime Suppression Division ( CSD ) said that six suspects in the oil-smuggling boat case received a warrant for arrest after the consideration of the evidence.

The six suspects were uncovered that they had been attempting to bring the vessels out of the harbor since the beginning of March. Four of the six defendants were still in Thailand when two of them had fled aboard, according to Pol Gen Anek on Wednesday.

” Right then, we are expecting to take the situation to the attorney by Friday, or the latest following week”, he said.

For the offenses of being the director and the item to a crime, an arrest warrant will be issued.

Sahachai Jiensermsin, also known as Jo, the reported leader of the fuel smugglers, was questioned about an allegation that, according to him, a federal lawmaker had aided him in an exit strategy. The authorities stated that they would start the case as soon as the information was put together.

The various team offenders, who fled after stealing the boats, were discovered to possess escaped on a different vehicle and were now being sought after. &nbsp, &nbsp,