An exclusive look into Bangladesh’s “prison island” as the world prepares to enter 2023

Hello Globe readers,

This week’s stories feature the harsh living conditions of migrants and displaced persons who, for different reasons, had to say farewell to their homes. 

As we are approaching the end of the year, Managing Editor Amanda Oon shared the achievements of staff at Southeast Asia Globe and an overview of 2022 in the region and beyond. 

But the exclusive report from inside a “prison island” in Bangladesh hosting Rohingya refugees is undoubtedly the highlight of this week’s features. Tanbirul Miraj Ripon reported on the daily hardships of refugees at Bhasan Char, where he had been given special access for the Globe. The island’s residents say they are disconnected from their families on mainland Bangladesh, and describe the island as an open-air prison.

Migrants in Singapore are also living in uncertainty nine years after the Little India Riots, an event that injured more than 60 people. Today, migrant workers are still facing exploitation and injustice, Globe’s Amanda Oon reported. Many families are often forced to live in segregation in allocated areas of the city, making it increasingly difficult for them to fully integrate into the local community. 

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, hundreds of people lost their homes to a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that shook the country in late November. Globe’s Nisya Kunto was on the ground where she reported on the emergency response and examined a lack of proper infrastructure in a country highly vulnerable to natural disasters

Amidst a global economic crisis, Thai microbreweries are still facing major legal challenges despite new regulations. Sarah Kim reported on the struggles of small business owners and microbreweries in meeting the minimum standards under the supposedly more favorable laws.

That’s all from this week’s Globe’s features. Enjoy the read and happy holidays.