Actresses Xiang Yun and Hong Huifang initially against their children joining showbusiness: ‘This industry can be tough’

Hong Huifang, 63, Xiang Yun, 62, and Aileen Tan, 57, were friends on the latest season of Dishing With Chris Lee.

The group chatted up a wind, almost needing any prompting from network Christopher Lee as they looked up on their jobs, the iconic functions they’ve played, and their families.

Christopher said:” I think they’re in very good places nowadays. Moreover, I’m really happy that their kids have grown up, with ]some ] of them entering showbiz as well”.

Have you two had a discussion about it? When they claimed they wanted to work in the show business, did you try to prevent them? Or” Were you supportive best away”? he wondered.

” We were opposed to it earlier because we are aware how difficult it can be.” Perhaps they were gently influenced]by us ] over time. But when they decided to join this business, we were very shocked”, said Xiang Yun, while Huifang nodded in agreement.

Chen Xi, 33, the son of Xiang Yun, started a dozen acting roles before moving to London last year to pursue his research. Her girl, Chen Yixin, 24, has also ventured into modelling and acting.

Huifang’s child Tay Ying, 28, is an artist with Mediacorp, while her brother Calvert, 24, is a performer and songs manufacturer.

Xiang Yun continued:” Take my son, for instance. He graduated from university, so he should have pursued everything related to his research. However, he claimed he wanted to test acting. Then he’s studying art management abroad, but he still loves acting! I just made a trip to England, and he told me:’ Really acting is truly fun’. I had a lot of reservations about it.

Chris therefore paid Yixin a gift, saying he likes how “alternative” she is.

” She’s very pretty, and very avant-garde. She’s very popular. She looks actually good in all her newspaper buds”, he said.

Yixin “really needs the grace and support of the elders,” he said in a congratulatory note to Xiang Yun.

” She’s engaged in hollywood, but I’ve never set any specific targets for her. I just want her to become happy”, she added.