Actor-comedian Henry Thia is semi-retiring: ‘Taking this step is not easy’

Actor-comedian Henry Thia is semi-retiring: 'Taking this step is not easy'

Singaporean professional- comedian Henry Thia is big- retiring. The 72-year-old made the decision to terminate his contract with King Kong Media Production, which ended in March, according to a statement released on Tuesday ( Apr 2 ) from the company. &nbsp,

” I’m getting older, my health is n’t as good as before, my eyelids keep twitching, and I lack control over my legs”, Henry said in a statement. ” I do n’t want to work so hard anymore”.

The seasoned actor added that his three granddaughters and daughters likewise hope he may withdraw immediately and enjoy living.

Henry, affectionately referred to as Hui Ge, has worked in the entertainment sector for more than 30 times and has participated in numerous tasks, including television series, videos, and television productions. &nbsp,

He has been with&nbsp, King Kong Media Production, owned by&nbsp, other actor- comedian Mark Lee, since 2017. &nbsp,

” Taking this step is never easy”, Henry said. After all, I’ve worked with Mark for close to 30 times, and he’s taken great care of me.

Henry says he will continue to be helpful with Mark and King Kong Media Creation and will be willing to work together if a project is needed.

He also stated that he will continue to work on commercial projects as long as they are n’t too demanding.

Henry most just appeared in Money No Enough 3 alongside Mark Lee and Jack Neo.