A Jackson Wang installation and works by Singapore artists: What to expect at Cartier’s Trinity 100 pop-up

The Cartier Trinity was founded in 1924, and the jewelry manufacturer is kicking off the collection’s 100th anniversary with a pop-up store in Singapore.

Held at the historical Art House, once home to Singapore’s second Parliament, the pop-up is open to public from Jul 15 to Jul 23. The traveling pop-up, which first opened in Shanghai, makes its next halt in Singapore. &nbsp,

Visitors can know about Trinity’s history, legacy, and how it came to be known as a world-renowned institution through its seven connected rooms. Trinity, a three-band overlapping band made in yellow, white, and rose metal, was the catalyst for the 1920s revolution in jewelry design. No one group can be identified as the top or bottom because the interlinked rings are located both above and below one another, creating a pleasant design.