9 reliable pet hotels in Singapore for pawrents going on vacation

The same can’t be said for everyone, but the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for our pets.

They enjoyed an unprecedented surge in playtime, cuddles and treats from their home-based humans. Every time they popped their heads into our Zoom meetings, a chorus of shrieks and squeals followed. Life was good, until our suitcases made an appearance for the first time in two years.

We desperately need a holiday, but the struggle of leaving a pet behind is universal whether you have a stoic guinea pig or an anxious puppy who whines when you, god forbid, take a shower. Pet boarding could be the answer, which is why we’ve rounded up nine reliable pet hotels in Singapore with a rating of at least 4.8 stars on Google reviews.


Some of us can’t imagine putting our dogs “behind bars”, and Breakfast At Fluffy’s gets it. The pet hotel in Joo Chiat touts “cage-free luxury”, offering 24/7 air-conditioning and webcam viewing from S$65 a night.