4k US navy personnel join ‘Cobra Gold’

4k US navy personnel join 'Cobra Gold'
4k US navy personnel join 'Cobra Gold'
Early next year, during the Cobra Gold 2023, men participated in an aquatic training. ( Photo: Cobra Gold 2023 Exercise Headquarters )

Cobra Gold 2024, a mutual defense training to be held in Thailand from February 26 to March 8, does feature the deployment of the USS Somerset and USD Miguel Keith with more than 4, 000 employees.

During a presentation for the occasion, Gen Thitichai Tiantong, Chief of Joint Staff of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, announced that 9,590 men from 30 different nations will participate in the yearly training.

The USS Somerset is a US Navy transport dock of the San Antonio course, whereas the USM Miguel Keith is an American B. Puller school mobile base.

According to Col. Kurtis A. Leffler, head of the Joint US Military Advisory Group Thailand, the US will concentrate more on marine training this time.

According to the US embassy, the Thai and American fleets may also work during Cobra Gold to recover HTMS Sukhothai‘s shipwreck. On December 18, 2022, HMS Sukhothai was caught in a surprise and sank about 35 kilometers off the beach of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Seven nations will take part in all key aspects of this year’s practice over the course of the training. Thailand, the US, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia are among them.

Australia will only participate in the command-post exercise, while China and India will take part in just the philanthropic political assistance training.

In a group known as the global planning augmentation team, an additional 10 nations will alternately participate in the exercise. Bangladesh, Canada, France, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines, Fiji, Britain, and Brunei make up the staff.

The other party, known as the combined observer liaison group, will have the other 10 participants take part in the exercise. Cambodia, Laos, Brazil, Pakistan, Vietnam, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Kuwait, and Sri Lanka are among them.