45 Chinese aircraft detected around Taiwan

45 Chinese aircraft detected around Taiwan

Since February, China has also deployed a martial show of force and coast guard ships and other formal fishing vessels around Taiwan’s remote area of Kinmen.

The most recent incident was Tuesday, when five Chinese coast guard ships sailed through Kinmen’s “restricted waterways” for three days before leaving, Taiwan’s beach watch said.

The Chinese coast guard said the formation” really affect navigation safety and destroy peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.” Tuesday’s sighting was the second formation seen in May.

We urge the Taiwanese government to practice self-control and put an end to this unreasonable behavior, the statement read.

Lai, like cheerful President Tsai Ing- ming, rejects Beijing’s say over Taiwan.

He and his lieutenant, who was Taiwan’s past representative to the United States, have been labeled as an “independence duo” by China.