4.5kg of cannabis seized in CNB operation; 2 officers injured

4.5kg of cannabis seized in CNB operation; 2 officers injured

SINGAPORE: &nbsp, Two men were arrested on Tuesday ( Jun 4 ) during an operation conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau ( CNB), with an estimated S$ 692, 000 ( US$ 514, 222 ) worth of drugs seized.

CNB said on Thursday its officers&nbsp, intercepted a vehicle in a mega- floor carpark near Choa Chu Kang Street 41 on Tuesday evening, &nbsp, and arrested the 38- year- older driver and his 27- year- ancient passenger.

A search of the vehicle found about 4.5kg of cannabis, 968g of Ice or methamphetamine, 63g of ketamine, 1, 180 Erimin- 5 tablets, about 1.1kg of Ecstasy and 181 lysergic acid diethylamide ( LSD ) stamps.

Another 50 Erimin- 5 devices were seized from a local shaft. &nbsp,

As the defendants, both Singaporeans, refused to comply and “resisted arrest forcefully,” two CNB officers suffered injuries during the procedure.

The soldiers later received medical care outside of the hospital for their injury. &nbsp,

According to CNB, the marijuana and snow used in the operation can provide a week-long supply to the habit of about 1,200 abusers.

” Drug traffickers just care about making revenue, and they will go above and beyond to find it,” said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Aaron Tang, director of intelligence for CNB.

” But this will not hinder us; rather, it will only strengthen our commitment to work harder to stop their wicked substance activities.”

Studies into the drug use of the defendants who were detained are continuing. &nbsp,

Anyone who is found guilty of trafficking more than 250 grams of meth or 500 grams of hemp faces the death penalty that must be avoided.