37m speed pills seized in 15 recent busts

37m speed pills seized in 15 recent busts

According to police, 42 arrests made over the course of two weeks even resulted in almost one kilogram of crystal meth and other medications.

37m speed pills seized in 15 recent busts
Crystal methamphetamine, rate medications, cocaine and other medications seized from 42 defendants in 15 main drug cases are displayed at a press briefing on Thursday. ( Photo: FM91 Trafficpro Facebook )

In 15 main cases involving drugs from April 29 to Does 15, drug destruction officers seized about one kilogram of crystal methamphetamine, 42 suspects, and more than 37 million speed pills, as well as nearly one tonne of speed pills and other drugs.

A presentation on Thursday was led by Pol Lt Gen Samran Nuanma, an associate federal police chief, to explain the steps that led to the detention and convulsions at various locations throughout the nation.

Government seized 37, 286, 000 rate medications, 942 kg of crystal meth, 80kg of cocaine and 70kg of morphine, he said. Even seized from the 42 suspects were 25 vehicles and pickup trucks and 3 motorcycles.

In the first instance, a person and a person were detained in the Wang Noi, Ayutthaya, region where 11.95 million rate pills were discovered hidden in their delivery. The drugs had been brought in smuggles from the Nakhon Phanom territory in northern India. Just Theeraphat and Nongnut were named as the suspects.

After finding 5 million speed pills hidden in the truck, police from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau ( NSB ) and officers from other agencies detained Sunate, the driver of a truck loaded with molasses, at a vehicle inspection checkpoint in Chumphon’s Tha Sae district. Another criminal, identified only as Disawat, who was driving a pick to scout the way, was arrested in Lang Suan area of the southwestern province.

According to authorities, the medications were being smuggled from the North to traders in the South.

In the second scenario, two men, identified only as Ramen and Natthaphol, were apprehended in Nakhon Sawan after 2.9 million rate medications and 150 kg of crystal meth were discovered hidden inside their delivery. The medications, smuggled from Mae Rim city of Chiang Mai, were destined for Saraburi.

In the third case, authorities detained two people in the Sukhothai city of Sri Satchanalai and seized 1.25 million rate pills found hidden inside their vehicle. Another friend, identified just as Thotsaphon, was arrested at a pharmaceutical station in the same area. The three were about to give the medication to a customer in the Central Plains.

After one million rate medications were discovered hidden inside their vehicles, three gentlemen and three women were detained at a car inspection station in Chumphon for the second situation.

Three young people were detained in Tak in the fifth incident after 202, 000 rate medications were discovered hidden in one of the two vehicles they were driving.

The remaining defendants and various drugs were seized in Nakhon Sawan, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and other key and northern counties, said Pol Lt Gen Samran.