30,000 Thai workers vie for quota of 5,000 jobs in Israel

30,000 Thai workers vie for quota of 5,000 jobs in Israel

30,000 Thai workers vie for quota of 5,000 jobs in Israel

The Department of Employment ( DoE ) reports that Thailand has a quota of 5, 000 positions in the Middle Eastern nation’s agricultural sector for the second half of this year while more than 30 000 Thai workers are looking for employment in Israel.

DoE director-general Somchai Morakotsriwan stated that 30 out of 186 people have expressed an interest in working in Israel, making it clear that Thais looking for employment abroad are still interested in it.

The DoE lifted its expulsion of sending Thai personnel to Israel on Friday, he claimed, following a thorough evaluation of the situation with the troubled organizations and assurances from the Israeli embassy regarding the safety of Thai workers.

Mr. Somchai claimed that the Israeli Embassy has provided assurances that Thai workers may only work in designated areas and that disaster plans, including evacuation procedures, are in place in the event of a threat.

Israel’s Population, Immigration, and Border Authority ( PIBA ) has informed Thailand that it has a quota of 5, 000 workers in the agricultural sector for June- December, he said.

1, 200 people whose vacation plans were suspended in October and November of last year as a result of the Hamas assault, according to him, will be the first batch of workers that, and they will receive instruction on how to be safe in crisis situations before going away, he said. As the violence in the northwestern boundary region and the Gaza Strip continue to pose a real threat, the Thai consulate in Tel Aviv has advised employees to follow safety instructions from the Israeli government.

Thai employees who want to leave the conflict-placing areas are urged to get in touch with the military if they feel unwell and want to leave. Additionally, it is advised to keep emergency items.

Prior to the Hamas harm, 29, 900 Thai laborers were employed in Israel, according to data provided by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in February. Since therefore, 9, 697 have returned to Thailand, while 20, 203 remain working in Israel.

Thirty- nine Thais died, and 23 were released after the Hamas harm, while the death of the other eight Thai victims remains mysterious.