3 vessels carrying contraband diesel found near Malaysia

3 vessels carrying contraband diesel found near Malaysia
Prior to the three of them missing, confiscated vessels were seen anchored at the sea police wharf in Chon Buri’s Sattahip area. ( Photo supplied )

According to authorities, three vessels apparently carrying 330 000 litres of illicit fuel that went missing last week from a policeman pier in Chon Buri are close to Malaysian waters.

The three boats that vanished from the sea police wharf in Chon Buri on Wednesday next year entered Vietnamese and Thai waters before being located off southwestern Thailand, according to Pol Maj Gen Charoonkiat Pankaew, assistant director of the Central Investigation Bureau, on Sunday.

Thai authorities and their neighbors worked together to compel those aboard the three vessels to turn themselves in. They are cooperative, and the potential outcome is good, according to Pol Maj Gen Charoonkiat.

The deputy commissioner stated that because they could n’t tolerate the theft from the marine police unit in Chon Buri, they were making an effort to follow the vessels.

According to Pol Maj Gen Charoonkiat, the officers officials responsible for the loss of the seized warships will face charges of dereliction of duty and causing serious harm to the authorities.

Marine police, according to Pol Maj Gen Pritthipong Nuchanart, the captain of the sea police.

He claimed that there were no checked reports that the three vessels were in Thai waters and that there were reports that they were still in the high seas close to Malaysia.

The value of the illegal oil on the three vessels was not that great, according to the sea police chief, because it had a sector price of about 3 million baht in full or about 10 to 12 baht per litre.

Because the value of the boats was estimated at about 5 million ringgit each, he did not believe the criminals who were the criminals had remove the illicit oil from the boats onto different vessels. The fuel may be stolen and the ships would be useless, according to Pol Maj Gen Pritthipong.

Three of the five modified hunting boats that were taken from an oil smuggling event were reported missing at 6am last year, according to the nearby coastal police station in Sattahip. They were moored about 100 meters from the sea police wharf in a” safe region.”

The missing boats have been identified as the J. P. with 80, 000 litres of illegal oil and seven team members, the Seahorse with 150, 000 litres of nontaxable oil and six staff, and the Daorung with 100, 000 litres of untaxed fuel and five team.

Police said that on Sunday, storms and strong winds hit Sattahip. The pier’s five confiscated vessels could not safely be anchored, so marine police ordered them to be anchored about 100 meters away.

All five vessels at the Sattahip pier had been seize in connection with oil smuggling.