20,000 police to watch over Senate vote

20,000 police to watch over Senate vote

Poll body’s final-minute tweaks to the laws raise questions about potential disproportional results.

20,000 police to watch over Senate vote
Itthiporn Boonpracong, the head of the electoral commission, visits to inspect the preparing for Sunday’s Senate elections from right to left. ( Photo: Election Commission Facebook page )

According to Assistant National Police Chief Pol Lt. Gen Kornchai Klayklueng, about 20 000 officers officials will be stationed near districts where district-level election for the new Senate will take place on Sunday.

Officials have been given instructions to ensure the smooth running of the election process and the transportation of votes, he said.

The police also work with members of the Election Commission (EC ) to make sure election laws are strictly adhered to, he said, adding that they are required to maintain social neutrality.

Even with a Constitutional Court decision pending on whether the poll’s laws are democratic, the EC is moving forward with district-level election.

Somchai Srisutthiyakorn, a previous election director, said he applauded the ballot body’s confidence.

The EC’s determination to prolong the election also demonstrated its commitment to restoring democracy to the Senate and to allowing the caretaker lawmakers to continue serving in the Upper House, according to Mr. Somchai.

He said the seven commissioners who made the recommendation to postpone the ballot until after the court decision merit praise and admiration.

Because if the judge later decides that the regulations in question are constitutional, the seven commissioners may be held fully responsible for the decision to carry on the vote.

” That’s why these seven election commissioners deserve quiet applause”, he said.

But, Mr. Somchai acknowledged having second thoughts after learning after about a crucial adjustment the EC had made during the voting.

The commission made a new news on Friday night regarding the voting process for the 20 expert groups that had to compete.

Mr. Somchai expressed on his Instagram page that he was extremely worried that the election results might be declared irrelevant.

The only member will receive four ballots from other professional organizations to support candidates for their professional organizations, and one box may hold the four defined ballots. So, that woman’s options will be revealed when the ballot is counted, said Mr Somchai.

While Section 33 of the natural laws governing the Senate’s composition stipulates that all elections must be held secret, he claimed that in some special interest groups, several districts on Sunday will have just one applicant for the Senate.

The EC had consequently require that the four votes cast by these only prospects be kept in the ballot containers of the other professional organizations so that they will be combined with other ballots to maintain security, he said.

About 45, 000 applicants from 20 expert groups have registered to engage in the poll. Only candidates with approval is cast ballots in the election. The area voting winners will move on to provincial votes on June 16 and then a nationwide ballot on June 26 to choose the 200 lower house members.