2.4-magnitude quake in Koh Samui

2.4-magnitude quake in Koh Samui

Second quake detected in Gulf of Thailand, says scientist

2.4-magnitude quake in Koh Samui
The red dots on Koh Samui and the dark outlines on the diagram represent the Khlong Marui Fault Zone, respectively, represent the earthquake’s epicenter. ( Department of Mineral Resources )

Looking THANI: An disaster, measuring 2.4 on the Richter level, struck Koh Samui at 8.24am on Thursday.

The disaster occurred in tambon Ang Thong, according to Jirawat Kamchadphai, a scientist at the Disaster Observation Division.

The tremor’s epicenter occurred four kilometers under Thaweerat Phakde, a ring route around the area, which was located at a level of four kilometers.

He claimed that the department had initially detected quakes in the Gulf of Thailand.

Since 2008, there have been 16 disasters in Surat Thani. The Khlong Marui Fault Zone ( KMFZ), a significant active strike-slipped fault system in southern Thailand, was the site of the majority of the events.

Some individuals sent emails to the team’s site, reporting that they felt two waves resembling blasts.

The Department of Mineral Resources claimed the thermal strength was the cause of the earthquake.