110kg of crystal meth seized at Bangkok hotel

110kg of crystal meth seized at Bangkok hotel

Two arrested as a result of a follow-up research uncovers more drugs at a local condo

110kg of crystal meth seized at Bangkok hotel
Police capture crystal meth weighing 110 kg, along with other types of cocaine, from a car parked at a motel in city Bangkok on Thursday. Three of the offenders in the case were taken into custody. ( Photo: Police TV )

On Thursday, authorities detained two smugglers at a motel in downtown Bangkok and seize 110 kilograms of crystal meth along with other medications.

During the upcoming Songkran event, it was thought that the drugs would be for sale in Bangkok and the surrounding regions.

On Thursday morning, a Honda H-RV parked in the Rong Muang area of the Pathumwan area discovered the pull of crystal meth and 60 kg of ketamine.

Police extended the analysis that led to the arrest of more drugs — 7, 000 rate pills, 1.4kg of cocaine, 8kg of crystal meth or “ice”, 1.5kg of morphine and 2, 000 joy pills — at a local condo system, said Pol Gen Kitrat Panphet, the acting federal police chief, who led senior officers to the hotel.

Officials from the Metropolitan Police Bureau and the Patrol and Special Operation Division, also known as the 191 officers, conducted the procedure.

Police arrived at the hotel’s driving lot where they found the two suspects after learning that they would bring the medication for other guests to pick up.

The trio admitted to having transported the medication to the resort from Saraburi.

One of the offenders, Khwan Arsaphorn, 35, drove the car containing the medication. He claimed to have had received three deliveries and was paid 50, 000 ringgit each.

Around 7am, Khwan Ploysrisuai, 25, was detained as he arrived on a motorcycle with another person to pick up the drugs from the parking lot. The second suspect escaped.

Police were looking for a permit for the incarceration of the second suspect, according to Pol Gen Kitrat.

The seized medicines were to be sold to Thais and immigrants at several tourist attractions in Bangkok and the surrounding areas during the Songkran festival, according to a police report.

On Thursday, a Bangkok resort will display packages of crystal meth taken from the pirates ‘ car. ( Photo: Police TV )