100kg of drugs seized after chase in Chaiyaphum

100kg of drugs seized after chase in Chaiyaphum

After one of their cars flipped, four smugglers were taken into custody with crystal heroin and morphine.

100kg of drugs seized after chase in Chaiyaphum
Following a police chase in the Chaiyaphum district’s Thep Sathit, one of the two cars being used by drug pirates lies overturned. Additionally, 100kg of crystal meth and morphine were seized from the other car when police interrogated it. ( Photo: Central Investigation Bureau )

After a vehicle chase led to the overturning of one of their vehicles in Chaiyaphum, four drug couriers were detained along with 100 kg of crystal meth and morphine.

The central investigation bureau ( CIB ) announced on Saturday that the two men and two women had been apprehended in the districts of the northeastern province’s Thep Sathit and Bamnet Narong.

The suspects are accused of colluding with the sellers in an illegal drug possession with the intention to offer and other related crimes. They are simply identified as Natthaphak, Natthaphon, Thititham, and Siriporn.

Narcotics Suppression Bureau ( NSB ) officers had previously reported to highway police in Chaiyaphum that drugs were being smuggled from the border province of Bueng Kan to the country’s inner regions. The pirates ‘ road took them through Bueng Kan, Sakon Nakhon, Udon Thani, Nong Bua Lamphu, Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum.

Therefore, as police operatives worked together to stop suspected cars along the way.

A feared Toyota Yaris with Bangkok license plates was discovered on the way by police in Chaiyaphum’s Bamnet Narong city. In the car, according to a research, there were numerous bags containing about 100 kg of crystal meth and ketamine.

A feared Mitsubishi Pajero with Bangkok sheets was being pursued by another crew as it approached Lop Buri Province. The sport utility vehicle after skidded off the road and overturned in Chaiyaphum’s Thep Sathit city, the CIB claimed.

The two cars ‘ four defendants had all been taken into custody.

During doubting, the four apparently confessed that they had been hired by a Chinese national for 600, 000 ringgit. Their task was to provide medicines to the Saraburi district’s Phra Phutthabat area from the Mekong River in Bueng Khla city of Bueng Kan. They said they had received 100, 000 ringgit as an advance payment.

The defendants were eventually taken to court by NSB prosecutors.

After their arrests in Chaiyaphum, authorities question two guys and two ladies who are facing drug trafficking charges. ( Photo: Central Investigation Bureau )