US to restrict visas for ‘multiple’ Hong Kong officials

US to restrict visas for 'multiple' Hong Kong officials

The United States announced on Friday ( Mar 28 ) that it was” taking steps” to impose new visa restrictions on Hong Kong officials responsible for enforcing restrictions on immigration to the Chinese city, days after a new national security law was passed.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a speech that Beijing has” continued to take steps against Hong Kong’s promised high degree of autonomy, political institutions, and rights and freedoms” over the past month.

This crackdown, he said, includes the new section of” Article 23“, a national security regulation targeting treason, rebellion, spy and robbery of state techniques, among other offences.

In response to “intensifying suppression” and limits on” civil society, press, and dissenting voices”, the State Department “is taking steps to implement new immigration restrictions on many Hong Kong officials”, the statement said.

Blinken did not provide more information about the proposed visa requirements or the targeted officials.