US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea for joint military drills

SEOUL: &nbsp, A US aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea on Saturday ( Jun 22 ) for a joint military drills aimed to better counter North Korean threats, Seoul’s navy said.

The Russian ambassador to Seoul was summoned by South Korea the day before a defense agreement signed by President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which included a commitment to assist each other in case of an attack.

” The US Navy’s aircraft ship Theodore Roosevelt… arrived at the Busan Naval Base on the day of Jun 22″, the South Korean Navy said in a statement.

Its entrance “demonstrates the South Korea-US alliance’s strong mixed defense posture and their business resolve to deal with the rising threats from North Korea,” the statement continued.

The company’s visit comes around seven times after another US plane ship, the USS Carl Vinson, came to the South in a display of power against Pyongyang.

This month, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is scheduled to attend in joint exercises with South Korea and Japan. Similar combined maneuvers have always been condemned in Pyongyang as practices for an war.