Ukraine President Zelenskyy thanks Philippines’ Marcos for support

Ukraine President Zelenskyy thanks Philippines' Marcos for support

On the final day of the Shangri-La Dialogue website, Zelenskyy addressed the audience in Switzerland, where a conference is scheduled for June 15 to 16, aimed at bringing harmony to his war-torn country.

Marcos delivered the keynote target at the conference, criticising illegal, aggressive brutality in the South China Sea, without naming China.

Marcos told Zelenskyy he was “honoured” the Russian president visited Manila.

” It’s a great pleasure to meet, to explain, problems that are popular for both places, and finally, we find methods for both of us up”, Marcos said.

China has confirmed it will not attend the planned summit in Switzerland, and Russia, which called its actions in Ukraine a” unique operation,” has not been.

Joe Biden has been invited by Zelenskyy, but Washington has not yet confirmed its plans.

Zelenskyy stated in a press conference that he was disappointed that Beijing had not attend the mountain and that he was unable to meet the Chinese delegation there. &nbsp,