UK summons Chinese envoy over ‘interference’, espionage

UK summons Chinese envoy over 'interference', espionage

The most recent incident comes after two people, including one who serves in the UK parliament, were detained next month for spying on China. Following time, they will be tested.

The mind of GCHQ, the UK’s knowledge, protection and computer company, on Tuesday warned that China posed a “genuine and increasing computer risk”.

At the Cyber UK event in Birmingham, northern England, GCHQ chairman Anne Keast- Butler remarked,” China has developed an innovative set of digital capabilities and is exploiting a growing business ecology of hacking outfits and data brokers.”

” Through their authoritarian and destabilising steps, the PRC ( People’s Republic of China ) poses a major threat to global norms and values”, she added.

According to the spy chief, her company then “gives China more resources than any other single mission.”

The UK has been outspoken about the Hong Kong government’s new regional protection law, which it views as eroding the state’s rights and freedoms.

It has launched a visa application to help Hong Kong residents to enter the UK after being consistently critical of how pro-democracy activists are treated in the former British colony.

As a result, it has become a refuge for rebels, including important pro- politics politician Nathan Law.